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Deputy Chief Moore to Visit WHWCNC Public Safety Committee

crushed speed limit signThe WHWCNC Public Safety Committee takes on the proposed speed limit increases with special guests Deputy Chief Michel Moore, Councilman Dennis Zine and LADOT GM Rita Robinson in a roundtable discussion that includes speed limit enforcement, speed zone surveys and traffic calming techniques.  Continue reading


Speed Limit Decision Held Up for NC Input

Speed Limit SignThe City Council’s Transportation Committee put the brakes on the LADOT’s proposed West Valley speed limit increases, directing the LADOT to allow the Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council (WHWCNC) the opportunity to weigh in on the Corbin Ave., Fallbrook Ave., and Mulholland Drive surveys. Public opposition to the five proposed speed limit increases included several different objections but it was the simple complaint of flawed civic engagement, of ineffective outreach, of a year long journey without public participation that resonated most. The Committee resolved the issue by deferring City Council action until after the community and the LADOT take the proposals to the public.  Continue reading

Speed Limit Increases Move to Transportation Committee

On Wednesday, January 14, at 2pm in City Hall,
the City Council’s Transportation Committee will convene with an agenda that includes proposed speed limit increases for several streets in the West Valley.

The proposed speed limit increases were scheduled three times in the Transportation Commission before they finally passed in the last session of 2008. The LADOT, in an effort that shows commitment and enthusiasm, has one last stop before the Transportation Committee, chaired by Councilwoman Wendy Greuel, and then the ordinance revisions go to the full Council. Continue reading

Measure R Editorial in the Daily News

Let’s not be taken for a ride with Measure R
By Michael D. Antonovich

Measure R is “Robin Hood in reverse.” It takes from the poor and gives to the rich. Taxpayers from the San Fernando Valley are being rolled by the downtown and West L.A. special interests to fund their costly multibillion-dollar “subway to the sea.” We should reject this 30-year, unbalanced sales tax scam and demand a better proposal that serves not only the Valley but the entire county.

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Easing Traffic Will Cost Motorists, RAND Study Finds

By Jorge Casuso

October 3 – If you want to ease traffic congestion, be prepared to tighten your belt and fork over some cash, according to a report released by the Santa Monica-based RAND corporation this week.

The report — “Moving Los Angeles” — found that the only strategies that have a lasting effect are those that raise the cost of driving during the busiest hours in the most congested areas. These include such pricing measures as road tolls, gas taxes and increased parking fees.

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Woodland Hills Gets Moving!

This past Saturday, community leaders gathered at the Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council’s Community Forum and joined the “Panel of Visionaries” in a spirited dialogue addressing transportation issues in the Valley.

Councilman Dennis Zine and NC Chair Joyce Pearson opened the session and set the stage for a day of inspiration and innovation and an opportunity for the gathered community leaders to “Partner in Greatness!”

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“Let’s Get Woodland Hills Moving!”

The Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council’s Community Forum on Saturday, October 18, features a “Panel of Visionaries” offering different perspectives and strategies for addressing the current state of transportation in the West Valley.

The forum will be held at the AMC Promenade Theater from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon and includes complimentary breakfast.

Joyce Pearson, Neighborhood Council Chair, urges the community to partner with the council and says “It is imperative that we work together to pursue great innovations and solutions in transportation so that we can ‘Get Woodland Hills Moving!’”

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