29 Lot Development Proposed for “Oaks Savanna” Community

treesDS Ventures has proposed a 29 lot subdivision on a 6.2 acre area between San Feliciano Drive and Mulholland Highway at the south edge of Woodland Hills.

Opposition to the project comes from the area residents who object to the small size of the lots, the large number of lots, the traffic that would result from the development, the removal of the protected Oak and California Black Walnut trees and the resulting encroachment on the view shed.

The WHWCNC Board will entertain discussion and a motion to oppose the submitted tract map and will instead consider a proposal that the developer submit a less dense tract map, deferring the upcoming Planning Department hearing from February 5th to a later date.

The WHWCNC Plum Committee Chair, August Steurer, reports that the developer originally proposed a 37 unit condo development but that the community opposed so vehemently that the two parties have been working for four years to arrive at a compromise. “We are so close that it would be shame not to arrive at a consensus this late in the game. It is my hope that the immediate community and DS Ventures can agree on the final submitted project before it goes to the planning department for determination. After all, we’re neighbors and we all need a solution that we can live with.”

The WHWCNC Board meets on Thursday, January 29, 2009 2 6:30 pm at the Woodland Academy. The Board typically meets on the second Wednesday of each month but scheduled this meeting because of the importance of the pending agenda items.


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