Woodland Hills Gets Moving!

This past Saturday, community leaders gathered at the Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council’s Community Forum and joined the “Panel of Visionaries” in a spirited dialogue addressing transportation issues in the Valley.

Councilman Dennis Zine and NC Chair Joyce Pearson opened the session and set the stage for a day of inspiration and innovation and an opportunity for the gathered community leaders to “Partner in Greatness!”

Pearson positioned transportation “as one of our greatest opportunities to improve the quality of life in our community.”

Councilwoman Greuel gave a comprehensive overview of LA’s Strategic Transportation Plan and referred to a partnership between the private and public sector as one of the simplest and yet effective innovations in transportation.

Assemblyman Mike Feuer engaged in a spirited discussion of Measure R and our opportunity for a transportation legacy. Also stunned the room for a moment as he gave out his cell phone number and invited attendees to call him, anytime, and promised to be available and responsive to their calls.

Allison Yoh of the Rand Corp. presented immediate transportation solutions from the recently released “Moving Los Angeles” report, some that will cost money and some that will generate revenue.

Dr. Donald Shoup demonstrated why the Wall Street Journal calls him “Parking’s Rock Star” as he took to the podium and immediately stirred the room into laughter and applause. Dr. Shoup offered innovations in approaches to parking that reward good behavior while creating revenue that stays in the community.

Through it all, attendees had many opinions on the many issues and proposals that were presented but at the end of the day, there was an agreement that any progress depends on the community working together to make it happen.

The “Let’s Get Moving!” Forum concluded with the formation of the Valley Transportation Initiative, a regional group that will work to establish policies and standards for transportation in the Valley, as well as advocate for project prioritization and funding.


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