Club Red Square – Police Commission & Zoning Administration & WHWCNC Board

This is a busy month for Club Red Square as the Police Commission, the Zoning Administration and the WHWCNC Board all act to investigate and rule on the operations of the Club and review the various permits and conditions that regulate Club Red Square.

The Police Commission on Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 @ Parker Center

The Police Commission has authority over the Club’s Dance Permit and the Club’s ability to host special events and private parties. Community concerns include of inappropriate use of the patio, the criminal activities of the patrons on the surrounding streets and in the neighborhood, violations of their CUP regulating the sale of alcohol and other issues will be addressed and the Police Commission will determine if the Club Red Square is in compliance.

The WHWCNC Board on Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 @ Warner Center Park Bredlow Band Shell

The WHWCNC Board will vote on a Planning, Land Use & Mobility Committee motion requesting “that the proper City agencies revoke the CUP for Club Red Square or impose and implement corrective conditions equating to the revocation of the sale of alcohol on said premises.”

The Office of Zoning Administration on Friday, July 18 @ Marvin Baude Center in Van Nuys

The Zoning Administration will also review the community’s concerns and charges that the Club is a public nuisance. This meeting is a follow-up meeting to a prior meeting where the LAPD testified, Councilmember Zine’s office presented information, the Neighborhood Council went on record and the Community spoke of their experiences with the Club. All in all, this meeting is a significant opportunity for the Community to speak in support severe restrictions on the operation of the Club including limiting the hours, the elements of the club such as music, dancing, arcade games and the service of liquor (bar service or table service or self service) as well as ratio of alcohol to food sales. (50-50 to 30-70) Other restrictions include Happy Hour bans, free food bans and price reduction bans.

The Club Red Square journey through the system has been long and slow with the prior Police Commission hearing postponed and the prior Zoning Administration hearing scheduled for the end of May pushed to mid-July. Adding to the complicated process, the Club Red Square organization recently filed for Chapter 11 protection.

For more information, contact Jonathon Brand of Councilmember Zine’s office @ or at 818-756-8848.


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