Daily News and LATimes Collect Award Winning Potholes

Both the Daily News and the LATimes have set out to collect data from readers on potholes throughout the City of Los Angeles.

The LATimes is conducting a Pothole of the Week Contest in which columnist Steve Hymon posts the winning blogs and then follows the pothole through the repair process.

The Daily News has created a map of the valley that allows readers to post their potholes along with a description.

The City of Los Angeles has over 6500 miles of streets and keeping up with the potholes is quite a chore. It’s up to community members to help our leadership prioritize the streets that are in most dire need of attention and to take the Mayor up on his “Operation Smooth Ride” promise.

If you’ve got a pothole in your neighborhood that needs “special” attention, submit a picture and narrative to Steve Hymon or log it on the Daily News Map. You can also call 311 and they will take the information and put it on the list of potholes up for repair. (when dialing 311, enter 1-0 to avoid listening to the hearing impaired signal)


One response to “Daily News and LATimes Collect Award Winning Potholes

  1. How about if we had the trash collectors also call in the potholes. After all, they drive the streets of LA, every mile of them each week. Just sayin…

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