Warner Center Association Hires Urban Planner

The Warner Center Association has hired Walkability Expert Deborah Murphy to guide them through the upcoming Warner Center Specific Plan Update process and to assist in educating Association members on mixed-use, pedestrian orientation and urban design issues and to help coalesce the diverse interests of the membership.

Deborah has a wide range of experience as an Urban Planner and also serves the community as the Chair of the City of Los Angeles Pedestrian Advisory Committee. The LAPAC is an official advisory body to the Mayor and the City Council and under Deborah’s leadership, worked with the Department of City Planning to develop a “Walkability Checklist” to be used as a tool for creating an active and safe pedestrian environment for the users of both the private and public realms of a project.

Deborah also heads the LAWalks advocacy group, a community based organization that works to create great streets that are safe, full of social and commercial opportunities and that are integral elements of the community, not just conduits for moving automobiles.

Deborah was recently interviewed by Streetfilms as she conducted a rush tour through the streets of Los Angeles and the resulting video was hosted by LA blogger Damien Newton on LA.StreetsBlog.

Photo: Transportation Expert Allyn Rifkin, Urban Planner Pat Smith, and Walkability Expert Deborah Murphy by Enci


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