LAUSD Rescinds Charter Offer

CortinesOne month ago, the LAUSD offered to share campuses with nearly 40 charter schools. Taft High School was one of the proposed shared campuses.

Three weeks ago, Ray Cortines joined the LAUSD, this time as the Senior Deputy Superintendent.

Less than two weeks ago, the WHWCNC Board convened a Town Hall Meeting at Taft High School and a standing-room-only audience let Cortines, LAUSD Boardmember Marlene Canter, and a full panel of LAUSD officials know that the community was vehemently opposed to compromising the Taft High School program by sharing the campus with a Charter School.

This week the LAUSD announced that, in spite of the threat of further litigation, the District is rescinding seven of the charter offers that were made, including the offer to CHAMPS Charter for classroom space at Taft High School.

Today the District announced that all responsibilities for day-to-day District operations have been shifted to Cortines.

As for the future of the LAUSD, there is much work to be done if the nation’s second largest school district is to successfully satisfy their mandate.

Meanwhile, the real opportunity for the community is to continue to partner with the schools on a local level to ensure that our kids are getting the best education possible.

The obstacles ahead were dramatized by Mack Reed who writes of the District’s budget crisis and the impact it had on his family. He watched as his son took $12.12 in personal savings to school in an effort to save an unfunded but favorite program at his school.


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