Keeping the Lights On!

Things have been heating up and the risk of rolling blackouts is more than triple that of last year, according to the state’s power grid operator California Independent System Operator.

While the WHWCNC DWP reps work to ensure that our service providers fulfill their mandate to provide safe, sufficient and affordable energy to our community, this is also an important time to take a look at our emergency preparedness and to evaluate any efficiency measures we can take to conserve energy.

Wired Magazine refers to this as a balance of the “hard path” and the “soft path” with service providers investing in modern infrastructure and maintenance (the hard path) while the community complements improvements with behavioral shifts that result in greater efficiency and conservation. (the soft path)

Through it all, remember to take the time to survey your emergency resources, just as if you’d be preparing for an earthquake. Plan for your family and anticipate 72 hrs. with no water or power and stock up accordingly.

For information on local Community Emergency Response Team training, send an email to and mention CERT training.


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