LAUSD Responds!

Senior Deputy Supt. Ramon C. Cortines, with less than a month on the job, has hit the ground running, first jumping into the mix at the NC Town Hall held at Taft High School and now by promising to reconsider offers of classroom space to the CHAMPS Charter School.

The Charter offers were made on the first of April and the Charter Schools had until May 1 to respond to the offers.

Currently 12 LAUSD schools share space with charters and it is expected that that number could rise to 35 next year.

Meanwhile, former Mayor Riordan welcomes Cortines to town and expresses hope that he will give Supt. David L. Brewer the support he needs if he is to to turn around the troubled school district.

At the same time Riordan takes the time to lobby for the charter schools advising the district to “not be threatened by these schools.”

These words rang hollow for the parents of the “open enrollment students,” many of whom joined the standing-room-only Town Hall meeting to give their personal and positive experiences at Taft, and all urging Cortines to maintain Taft high School for Taft students.


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