Get the Lead Out!

Los Angeles residents enjoy the nation’s tastiest water, at least they should, according to the judges of the 18th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for the students of the LAUSD who could be drinking water containing unsafe amounts of lead.

The problem is caused by old drinking fountains that contain lead, a condition that investigators claim the District has known about for 18 years.

Since then, instead of simply replacing the fountains, the LAUSD has implemented a “flushing policy” requiring school staff to flush the fountains every day and to maintain logs demonstrating that the fountains have been properly flushed.

KNBC Reporter Joel Grover initiated an investigation after learning that parents of children at Woodlake Elementary School were told by their teachers “not to drink the water.”

Industrial hygienist Brian Daly of Hygiene Tech International joined Grover in the investigation and reports “It is tainted water.”

He explains further that “the effects of this water would be lower IQ, attention deficit and learning disabilities.”

The LAUSD has more than 800 campuses built before 1993, the year that lead-laden, galvanized pipes and lead solder were banned. It is estimated that it will cost as much as $300 million to replace the plumbing for the water fountains.

Photo courtesy by lenseyed via Flickr


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