Closed Schools Master Plan

LAUSD logoThe LAUSD is currently on the road, meeting with Neighborhood Councils and Homeowner Associations to present their “Closed School Master Plan.” The West Valley has six school campuses that are “dormant” and the Master Plan (ppoint) addresses the District’s priorities for the properties.

Shifting demographics resulted in a reduced demand for the facilities but the District is reluctant to turn loose of assets that may be needed in the future as demographics continue to shift. For that reason, the District looks at creative ways to maintain possession of the property and to look for uses that are prioritized in accordance with District policy and State mandate.

There are 4 “closed schools” in the WHWCNC area; Oso Elementary, Hughes Middle, Collins Elementary and Platt Ranch Elementary. All four were closed in the early 80’s. The LAUSD reps pointed out that there would be significant costs associated with re-opening, re-purposing or converting a closed school to a new use due to requirements to meet DSTC, CEQA and DSA standards.

The LAUSD reps offered up the prioritization of proposed adaptive uses for the “closed schools” which included career-technical education, Adult Ed, specialized programming and professional development use for LAUSD teachers and staff.

Boardmember Charlie Bogusz urged the LAUSD to keep in mind the fact that the Woodland Hills area has one of the lowest park to people ratios of the City and that whatever the re-use of the campuses, it would be great to allow the community to use the athletic facilities for organized sports.


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