Hard Times Everywhere

day laborersThe mortgage meltdown and economic downturn is contributing to a housing crisis with impacts that are rippling throughout the community and impacting everybody.

As homeowners find themselves with less disposable income, day laborers find themselves with less opportunities to hire out for temporary work doing everything from landscaping to remodeling to maintenance.

San Fernando Valley is home to an estimated 4,000 day laborers and with work falling off over 50% since last year, the average day-laborer spends more and more time on the popular hiring corners waiting for the jobs that harder and harder to get.

Claiming that the pay is better on the street than at the regulated hiring centers, these times of desperation mean even more day-laborers are working the corners longer into the day and stirring more complaints from residents and business owners who object to the commotion, congestion, traffic, litter and noise.


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