Visual Blight Fight II

Visual BlightSean McCarthy is not alone in his opposition to the illegal signage that litters the landscape of our streets. At the last WHWCNC Board meeting McCarthy brought a sample of the signs he found posted on the light poles on Ventura Boulevard and reported on his efforts to clean up the Boulevard.

The Santa Clarita City Council echoed Sean’s complaint and went the distance, hiking the fines for “bandit” signs from $50 to $250 for a first violation and from $100 to $1000 for a second violation within one year.

In addition, Santa Clarita is expected to move increase the violation from an infraction to a misdemeanor which increase the fine and provide for potential jail time.

Meanwhile, the LA Weekly prevailed in court in their efforts to gain access to the LA City Council ordered and long-awaited list of illegal and legal billboards throughout the City of Los Angeles.

The City’s Department of Building and Safety is responsible for maintaining records on the estimated 11,000 billboards throughout LA but efforts to simply create a list resulted in a legal battle when Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor who claimed that the information was a “trade secret.”

All of this is part of a larger Citywide dialogue on the simple definition of “Visual Blight” and it includes claims of elements of 1st amendment protection, freedom of artistic expression, free enterprise, text vs. graphics, public safety and the definition of “ugly.”

Through it all, Sean fight the good fight, taking down signs and calling businesses to let them know that they are breaking the law and contributing to the “graffiti” and trash and debris that litters our community.


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