DWP Rate Hike Gets Air

Patt MorrisonThis past Tuesday, Neighborhood Council Representatives from throughout the City gathered on the steps of City Hall to speak in unified opposition to the proposed DWP rate hikes. The City Council was to vote later in the day on the motion to approve the rate hikes.

WHWCNC Director Heath Kline was unable to attend because of business but he reports that “as fate would have it, that may have been for the best because I received a phone all at 11:45 from Patt Morrison’s producer wanting a DWP MOU committee member to participate in a 30 minute panel at 1:00 pm with Councilmember Tom LaBonge and DWP GM David Nahai.”
(Listen here)

Heath was able to discuss the issues with Patt’s producer (pointing out that Nahai would probably not be joining the panel but would instead be in front of the Council) in preparation for the interview while trying to follow the Council debate and then he spent 30 minutes on the panel.

As for the DWP rate hike motion, the vote was postponed leading some to speculate that the necessary votes were not in place which is seen as a victory for those in opposition to the rate hike.

To listen to Heath open the RealPlayer file here.


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